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The Ecosystem

PerceptForm is an end-to-end ecosystem focused on empowering communities through our four verticals.


PerceptPay is a social payment marketplace that allows people to receive Bitcoin for goods & services while buyers pay with debit or credit cards. Sellers receive weekly deposits to their Bitcoin wallets as they make sales. We are in a new phase of development where our marketplace will be automated by Clarity smart contracts via the Stacks blockchain.


PerceptGrow is a social learning platform designed to educate, empower and engage the masses through incentivized educational cohorts on an annual basis or singular courses surrounding cryptocurrency topics. To date, PerceptForm as a company has educated over 1,500 people globally.


SimplyNFT started as a course to educate the world on NFTs. After empowering hundreds of students globally, we are cultivating an NFT marketplace that will empower simple minting on Stacks. We speak art AND crypto.


PerceptMine is a social Bitcoin mining operation that offers cloud mining to retail and accredited investors. A portion of the revenue will be shared through the process of tokenization. This is the first time in the world that a Bitcoin mining operation is being tokenized. PerceptMine plans to be operational in North Carolina, Wisconsin and Wyoming.


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